Recereum is blockchain-based platform for turning waste and recyclables to real value

Coins can be used as a discount in the bill for energy, gas, garbage disposal, and in other services of partners or just cup of coffee

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Pre-Sale is Finished

25/12/2017 - 25/01/2018

Each of us throws away waste every day, and in the scales of one city it's hundreds of tons of garbage a day. To sort so much waste is difficult. Therefore, the number of landfills grows, and for a big city it turns into a big problem, and sometimes into an ecological catastrophe. We are building the Recereum platform, and we offer to earn coins for the correct waste sorting. With such cooperation, we are sure that much more garbage will be recycled, and factories will receive much more recyclables for production. With blockchain we can be sure of the reliability and safety of this process. It's not just about waste sorting:

Waste sorting

Earn coins by waste sorting. A small action will help to get bonuses, as well as help to save nature.

Glass and plastic

Exchange plastic and aluminum bottles in vending machines to a large armful of coins in your pocket, or recereum coins to your account in phone.

Used batteries

Exchange old batteries, electronics, and other unneeded things at special points to real valuable coins to your account.

Waste and Recycle Market

Global waste management market size showed significant growth from 2010 to 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars)

The global waste market has come across as the most rapidly developing market. Numerous technological advancements are occurring in this market, thereby positively impacting the overall development. A large number of government initiatives across the globe are favoring the recycling of waste products, thereby significantly impacting the market growth. Moreover, the labor cost is at an economical rate is fuelling the growth of the waste recycling services market.

Proportion of the waste that is recyclable

Based on statistics, the third part of Municipal Solid Waste Landfilled. The problem is a large volume of unsorted waste

Token distribution

Token details

Token: RCR

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 300 RCR

Total supply: 7,999,000

Project protocol: ERC20

Payment method: Ethereum

Recereum will issue 7,999,000 RCR without any additional tokens. 5,199,410 RCR tokens (65%) will be sold to the public. 4,719,410 RCR will be sold during Token Sale and 480,000 RCR will be allocated to the Pre-sale

Token Allocation

Pre-sale Phase

Start date: 25.12.2017

End date: 25.01.2018

Distributed on Presale: 480,000 RCR

Price: 1 ETH = 420 RCR

Max goal (hard cap): 1,142 ETH

Period: 32 days

Minimum amount: 1.00 ETH

Bonus: 40%

480,000 RCR will be offered on the presale at a 40% discount, i.e. for 1 ETH a buyer will get 420 RCR (300 + 120 as a bonus). The contributors will receive RCR in their Ethereum wallets immediately, but the tokens will remain non-transferable until the Token Sale.

The maximum duration of Presale is 32 days. If hard cap of 1,142 ETH is reached earlier we will stop the sale.

Funds raised on the Presale will be used for the Token Sale promotion and marketing (90%), legal issues and compliance (5%), and administration and HR (5%). .

ICO Token Sale

Start date:

End date:

Distributed on Token Sale: 4,719,410 RCR

Price: 1 ETH = 300 RCR

Min goal (soft cap): 1,800 ETH

Max goal (hard cap): 15,731 ETH

Period: 28 days (4 weeks)

Minimum amount: 0.01 ETH

Bonus First 48 hours : 40%

Bonus Week 1: 30%

Bonus Week 2: 20%

Bonus Week 3: 10%

Bonus Week 4: 5%

4,719,410 RCR will be offered during the Token Sale with 5% to 40% bonuses.

A special bonus of 40% will be offered during the first 48 hours of the crowdsale.

Then the bonuses will decrease every week. The maximum duration of Token Sale is four weeks.

If hard cap of 15,731 ETH is reached earlier we will stop the sale. If we reach soft cap of 1,800 ETH and the period is over, unsold tokens will be burned. If we don’t reach soft cap of 1,800 ETH we will refund payments to the Token Sale contributors.


2017 May Initial idea was born July Gather team core, December Token Pre-sale 2018 ICO $ 1 500 000 $ 2 500 000 Implementation of (We are here) $ 5 000 000 Scaling model of Recereum project Development of the, market research, fulfilment apps to Municipalities or Platform for glass and plastic vending machines. App for batteries, and used electronics accepting locations idea evolution January Recereum core and interface Recereum project city councils


Our Team

Bohdan Yakubovych

Co-Founder / Finances

Grigory Shegeda

Co-Founder / Development

Alex Shatkowski

co-Founder / Research / PM

Alena Lozovaya


Gregory Petykhov

Smart Contracts Developer

Ivan Chris

Design / Creative

Countries implements waste sorting

United States

As of 2017, S.O.R.T. services over 79,000 households and 1,200 places of business. The program issues all Oyster Bay residents a 20-gallon can to deposit metal, plastic and glass recyclables into. Waste collection vehicles collect recyclable waste twice a week and deliver it to recycling plants, where it is then recycled. Oyster Bay has the largest recycling program in New York State, larger than Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Buffalo.


January 2017 - China is to dedicate 252 billion yuan (29 billion) to addressing the issue of waste over the next three years, the country’s economy agency has announced. According to Shenzhen’s guidelines, individuals and work units that do not follow trash-sorting rules may be fined 50 yuan (about $7) and 1,000 yuan, respectively. Moreover, garbage collection and transport companies, as well as property management companies in charge of residential areas, can also be held responsible for not implementing the rules to the tune of up to 10,000 yuan.


In Germany, regulations exist that provide mandatory quotas for the waste sorting of packaging waste and recyclable materials such as glass bottles. Between 325 and 350 million tons (net) of waste are produced in Germany each year, with construction and demolition waste (including road construction) accounting for 60 percent of this waste, while municipal waste accounts for 14 percent, and hazardous waste for 5 percent. For further information see under Waste Statistics.


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